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Iker AMIEVA - Operational Director of Zonatur Acapulco

"The motion detectors, which allow the lamp to light at 200%, have been very useful in areas that were previously in the dark and in places where there had been a lot of dysfunction with previous streetlights. It has been several years since Sunna Design's products work perfectly. 
Zone Lighting in Acapulco
Security Lighting
The main objective of the Zonatur is to meet the requirements and needs of public services in the tourist areas of Acapulco.

The organization has experienced great difficulty in providing quality lighting and optimum safety around Acapulco Bay, which has become one of the most dangerous areas in the country.

It was essential to identify a reliable and sustainable public lighting solution that could address security issues without the need for maintenance.

Sunna Design installed iSSL + in Acapulco Bay. From now on, the local population and the tourists can go to the beach safely and can move in all the zones in all tranquility. 
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