Recovered Energy Technologies (RET) provides state-of-the-art solar powered lighting and Smart City sensor capability. Lighting streets, parking lots, perimeters, and pathways.

 Save money, reduce installation time, minimize maintenance and be part of a movement saving our planet.
Technology evangelists. We match the best solution with every project
Funding for projects that make sense, in addition to, design, engineering,
procurement and construction expertise
The right partners across North America to develop sound renewable energy projects
We are driven to create harmony between people, their budgets, and our environment. We believe in a collective vision that allows us all to do more, create more and be more. We break all of the conventional boundaries by focusing on 3 things:
Solar Street Lights
Lighting Your World
Capturing the power of the sun in the day, we provide you a way to control all, or just one, of your lights at night through blue tooth with any of your devices.
Solar Street Lights
Saving Your Money
With significantly lower costs of installation, virtually no maintenance and no operating costs we save you money from the day you decide to work with us.
Solar Street Lights
Protecting Our Planet
Our lighting solutions are less intrusive on installation and eliminate the need to burn valuable resources to provide you the safety and security you need.      
Sunna Solar Lighting
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State-of-the-art solar lighting for streets, parking lots, perimeter lighting, pathways and any area that needs security or safety lighting. Easily convert your lighting into a communications hub with optional Wi-Fi, bluetooth programmability and security cameras. "Lose the trench" with simple and quick installation.
Smart City Monitoring
Turn your Sunna street light mesh network into a communication highway to monitor the health of the lighting network, and a multitude of other sensors. All integrated into the solar lights and using LoRa we can help you track and monitor a wide range of smart city elements. 
Solar Power
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A team dedicated to the design, deployment and execution of ground mount, rooftop and carport solar solutions. Designed for the agriculture, commercial, industrial and entertainment industries. 
Advanced communication and sensor monitoring features are integral to forward thinking Smart City planning. Sunna leads the market by offering these capabilities. 
"Sunna has proven after 7 years and R&D with public labs and blue chip industrial partners, that it has the only solar-powered street light that can last ten years maintenance free in tropical and desert countries.” Bloomberg Energy 2017
Designed to withstand and operate effectively in temperatures from -40º to +156º F these are tough, rugged and well made lights that withstand the challenges of the most hostile environments.
Using a patented Dynamic Power Management System and ensuring that the right light is selected in every location provides the confidence to offer a no blackout feature.
With no trenching or wiring. The ease of installation makes these lights quick, practical and easy to deploy. They are literally “plug and play” eliminating up front infrastructure costs and reducing planning time.
With R&D focused on advanced design with built in intelligence. Sunna strives to manufacture the world’s most advanced, reliable and durable solar lights.


They convert solar energy into electricity and do not accumulate dust.


It stores electricity generated during the day to power the LED module during the night.


Our intelligent energy management system has patented algorithms to maximize battery life. This system is also connected to Bluetooth.


Sunna LED modules are particularly powerful with the best Lumen / Watts performance on the market.


The lighting program is fully configurable by the user via SunnAPP.
The SunnAPP
An innovative APP that allows you to connect seamlessly with your Sunna Solar Light. Giving you full access and complete control of your lights.

Health Diagnosis

Using your Smart Phone, get a complete health diagnosis of one, or, all of your lights from the battery and LED condition, to charging statistics, so that you are always in the know when it comes to your lights. 

Registration and Product Referencing 

Using SUNAPP, easily and instantly register each of your lights as they are deployed. GPS positioning ensures you have quick access to the location and condition of every light in your network.

Real Time Monitoring

Get real time alerts, monitor the health of each of your lights and always be in touch with the condition of your network. This is accomplished using SUNAPP, or cloud based monitoring when selected.

Remote Management

In addition to monitoring the health of your lights, you can remotely change the lighting pattern, or, turn motion detect on or off. Total control in the palm of your hand. 
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If you have a project in mind, may have one coming up, or you're just flat out curious what smart lighting can do you - We've made it as easy as possible to get a FREE quote, learn about what solutions are best for you and start saving immediately! It's just 3 simple steps:
Solar Street Lights
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Find out exactly how much smart lighting can save you, for FREE! Fill our a short questionnaire, tell us a little more about your project and let us show you exactly what your future with smart lighting might look like!
Solar Street Lights
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Have a quick chat with us and together we can assess your requirements, answer your questions and help you decide if integrating environmentally friendly and technically advanced lighting and communications solutions that makes sense to you.
Solar Street Lights
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Save time, save money and save our planet. Let us show you how you can have all three while building smarter, better connected and more appealing communities.
wondering if Smart lighting
is right for you?
Eliminate up front trenching and wiring costs, also reduce your infrastructure planning and implementation time significantly. Give yourself total flexibility on where you place all your lights and open up a whole new world of Smart City and sustainable options for your communities.
Deploy lights where trenching and wiring is a challenge, or, cost prohibitive. Add autonomous security lighting that provides grid tied lights with complete redundancy and with an eye to the future, add renewable lighting products to your portfolio. Open up a whole new world of green lighting options to your clients.
Cost savings, flexibility and creating energy sustainability are a few   that all levels of government can benefit from using green, renewable alternatives. Solar lighting provides a reliable and economical way to immediately realize maintainanable objectives for forward thinking arms of the government.
Commercial Operations
Enjoy the the cost savings that solar powered lighting can bring to your organization. From initial deployment savings that are eliminated with no trenching and wiring; no ongoing electrical costs; to ownership of the asset. There is real benefit to green lighting solutions.
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Download our all inclusive guide to solar street lighting and learn everything you need to know from pricing, application and which model is best for your project!

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We are a team of highly experienced, agile and flexible partners who bring together leading edge technology, exceptional professional services and funding to deliver turn key renewable energy projects.

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RET, along with a great team of partners from across North America and in the Caribbean, promote, sell and install leading edge solar power and lighting technology. 

If you have solar or lighting expertise and would like a chance to join our growing team please reach out to us.
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Brad Carlson
United States Liaison
30+ years of construction experience in the New York Metropolitan and New England area. Subject Matter Expert (SME) in energy efficiency, scientific building techniques, renewable/alternative energy, battery storage and waste to energy technology. Extensive system design experience with installations throughout the US and Caribbean.
Contact Brad Directly:
(307) 250-4665
Joel brayman
Canadian & Caribbean Liaison 
Seasoned professional with over thirty years of progressively responsible leadership and management experience in both the public and private sectors. Directly led and managed all aspects of business performance including business development, financials (cash flow, profit, revenue, orders), strategic planning, recruiting and selection of staff, and project and program management. Formal training as a recruiting and selection officer; communications specialist; project manager, including PMI.
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